Anton Posset

25/09/1941 in Munich – 10/09/2015 in Halblech

Anton Posset’s dedication played an important role in the research and commemoration of victims of the Nazi era in Landsberg am Lech. He arrived in Landsberg am Lech in 1975, where he was appointed to a teaching position at the Dominikus-Zimmermann Grammar School.

Anton Posset on the former grounds of Kaufering VII camp in 2011. Source: Archiv Familie Posset

There he began to advocate German-Jewish reconciliation and to make 20th century post-war history in Germany the subject of discussion. In 1983, he founded the “Landsberg im 20. Jahrhundert – Bügervereinigung zur Erforschung der Landsberger Zeitgeschichte e.V.” association to this end.

With Posset as Chairman of the association, they successfully acquired part of the former premises of Kaufering VII concentration subcamp, which is where the last surviving clay pipe buildings can be found. In doing so, the association prevented the demolition of the camp’s last architectural remains. Here is also where he established the Europäische Holocaustgedenkstätte, by erecting memorial stones from eleven European Heads of State. Anton Posset performed over 30 years of voluntary work until his death in 2015.

During his active years of service as a grammar school teacher, Posset supported his students as their tutor in 14 history competitions entitled “Deutsche Geschichte um den Preis des Bundespräsidenten” (German History for the Prize of the Federal President). Anton Posset was also active as an author. As a member of the editorial board for the publication series “Themenhefte Landsberger Zeitgeschichte”, he played a vital role in the success of this magazine series. He also introduced his methodological and teaching experience into the four-volume historical work “Erinnerung und Urteilen” (Remembering and Judging) for students in Years 8 to 10 of the Gymnasium or Grammar School.

In 1990, Anton Posset received the six-armed Yad Vashem chandelier for his commitment to reappraising and preserving the memory of the time of National Socialism in Landsberg am Lech. Source: Archiv Familie Posset

Anton Posset’s work was honoured in 1990: On September 9th, in the presence of the German Embassy Counsellor, the Chairman of the Yad Vashem memorial site, Itzak Arad, presented him with the Six-Branched Yad Vashem Candelabra. This is the highest award that the memorial site can bestow upon later generations.