Infrastructure measures

Extensive infrastructure measures were required in the wider Landsberg area in order to implement the bunker construction projects. As well as civilian construction companies, concentration camp prisoners from the Landsberg/Kaufering concentration subcamp complex were used for the work.

Long rails lead through the bunker construction sites, on which were transported, inter alia, parts from the "Rudolf" and "Erich" precast concrete plants. Source: Stadtarchiv Landsberg

Rails and railway stations were extended, approach roads created and accommodation for the anticipated workforce of approximately 90,000 had to be constructed. The construction sites were connected with industrial track, in order to create the basis for the smooth arrival and removal of construction materials and finished parts.  Alongside this, a reliable energy and water infrastructure was needed to supply the production planned for the bunker facilities.

One after the other the people, or rather the slaves, died a wretched death during this work: while hauling the railway track, due to the floggings of the guards or else they fell from the dome – who knows whether they still had the strength or the will to live.

– Zev Birger about dying

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