Concentration camp cemetery Stoffersberg gravel pit

The Kaufering II and Kaufering X subcamps were close to the “Weingut II” and “Diana II” bunker construction sites, where the Jewish concentration camp prisoners had to undertake forced labour.

The concentration camp cemetery is located in a wooded valley. The path to it leads from the roundabout at Kreisstrasse LL 2 and Buchloer Straße. Source: Anton J. Brandl

Suffering the dreadful working and living conditions, many prisoners died within a few months. An estimate made by the Landsberg District Administration Office in 1949 assumes approximately 1,500 dead in the Kaufering II camp and approximately 1,200 dead in the Kaufering XI camp.

The dead from both camps were buried in Stoffersberg at two locations: in a gravel pit to the south-west and a wood to the north of the Kaufering II camp area. According to the estimate of 1949, approximately 2,000 Jewish victims are interred in the Stoffersberg gravel pit concentration camp cemetery. Exactly how many people are buried here is not known.

In 1996 unknown persons desecrated the cemetery complex with Nazi and other abusive slogans. Source: Stiftung Bayerische Gedenkstätten
Like other concentration camp cemeteries and memorials the Stoffersberg concentration camp cemetery has also been the victim of vandalism. Source: Stiftung Bayerische Gedenkstätten

The 1,675 square metre concentration camp cemetery consists of nine burial grounds and is surrounded by a concrete wall. A gravel path leads to the central memorial. It is made of Flossenbürg granite and bears the inscription: