Designation and camp numbering

Even though only the Kaufering III camp was located within the boundaries of the market town of Kaufering, the SS designated the individual camps of the Landsberg/Kaufering concentration subcamp complex as “Kaufering” or “OT Kaufering”. By way of distinction, they were numbered with Roman numerals. This practice of designation could be based on the importance of Kaufering train station, through which many of the prisoners arrived.


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The numbering of the Landsberg/Kaufering concentration subcamp complex does not enable any conclusions to be drawn about the order of their development. Kaufering III was built by an advanced party of functionary prisoners as the first camp, before the first transport with 1,000 Jewish prisoners reached the camp on 18 June 1944.

The camp record from Kaufering III documents the emergence of the camp, and was saved from destruction by Viktor Nečas, Camp Senior at that time.

The first verifiable transport of prisoners to the respective camp are considered to be the date of origin:

  • Kaufering III: 18 June 1944
  • Kaufering I: 15 July 1944
  • Kaufering II: 29 July 1944
  • Kaufering IV: 1 August 1944
  • Kaufering X: 18 August 1944
  • Kaufering VIII: 1 September 1944
  • Kaufering IX: 29 September 1944
  • Kaufering VII: 10 October 1944
  • Kaufering VI: 9 November 1944
  • Kaufering XI: 17 November 1944
  • Kaufering V: -

This list does not take account of women’s camps, which were connected to the men’s camps.