European holocaust memorial site

The “Landsberg in the 20th century” civic association founded in 1983 is dedicated to the investigation and research of the history of the Landsberg/Kaufering concentration camp subcamp complex. Using private sponsorship funds, in 1985 the civic association was able to acquire a part of the former site of the Kaufering VII subcamp.

In 2014 the officials decided to retain the earthenware pipe bunkers and earth huts. Today they are the basis of the international Holocaust Memorial. Source: Archiv Familie Posset

On the initiative of the association, various European nations donated memorial stones, that today are placed on the site of the former camp. Together with the historic camp site, the memorial stones make up the European Holocaust Memorial. In addition to the twelve memorial stones, the civic association erected a memorial stone for the German victims of the subcamp complex.

As a result of the work of the association, it was possible to retain the remaining prisoner accommodation in the Landsberg/Kaufering subcamp complex. Today the premises are owned by the “Europäische Holocaustgedenkstätte Stiftung e.V.“ association, which in 2016 was awarded the “Bayerischen Denkmalpflegepreis” (Bavarian Monument Preservation Prize) for conserving the clay pipe buildings.

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