Legal reconditioning

After the end of the war, the Allies initiated various legal proceedings against war and Nazi criminals. The first war crimes trial before the US American military court was conducted in the liberated Dachau concentration camp. A total of 40 SS members were indicted: they also included nine Commanders or Camp Commandants of the Landsberg/Kaufering concentration subcamp complex such as Otto Förschner, Walter Langleist und Otto Moll. The military court condemned these three men to death and they were executed in Landsberg. Commander Johann Aumeier was extradited to Poland where he was executed in 1948 due to his complicity in crimes committed in Auschwitz concentration camp. SS Commander Heinrich Forster managed to go into hiding. He died in 1955 under a false name in Hanau during a bicycle accident.

At the Dachau trial in 1945 a total of 40 indicted SS officials appeared before the Court. In the second row can be seen (2nd and 3rd from left) Johann Baptist Eichendörfer and Otto Förschner. In the fourth row are (4th and 8th from left) Walter Adolf Langleist and Otto Moll. Source: KZ-Gedenkstätte Dachau

Other former members of the guard were sentenced to imprisonment.

The German justice system, too, initiated proceedings against individual persons from the Landsberg/Kaufering concentration subcamp complex such as:

  • Georg Fiederer, member of the Waffen-SS and guard in Kaufering VII and XI, was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment.
  • The former concentration camp prisoner Franz X. Trost, who had been deployed as a member of the camp management (Kapo) in Kaufering III camp, was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1950.
  • Dr Nikolai Löwenstein, previously Ghetto Policeman in Kovno and Block Senior at Kaufering I concentration subcamp, was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment.

Further investigations in the mid 1970’s did not result in any prosecutions. In 1989 Munich Public Prosecution Office I also initiated proceedings.