Kaufering VIII (Seestall)

Kaufering VIII concentration subcamp was located a few hundred metres west of Seestall, a village in the Fuchstal municipality.

The first transport reached Kaufering VIII from Auschwitz concentration camp with 500 concentration camp prisoners on board on 1 September 1944. The Polish and Czech Jews had to build the accommodation themselves. With 18 earth huts the camp was comparatively small.

The former camp VIII today. Source: Stiftung Bayerische Gedenkstätten/ Rainer Viertlböck
The Kaufering VIII subcamp was located a few hundred meters west of Seestall. Source: Carls Luftbild Datenbank

According to a US American investigation report on the Messerschmitt factories in the Greater Munich area, the “Diana II” bunker was to be built near Leeder in the municipality of Fuchstal. Owing to the gravel quality on site, the planned construction site had been unsuitable, however. The required conditions could only be found 1.5 kilometres south of the “Weingut II” bunker construction site.

A little while later, we were summoned to the appelplatz, where we stood to be counted by the SS guards, who, once the counting was completed, again disappeared into their blocks, and left us to our own devices. More time to wander about aimlessly in Camp Number Eight seemed to be what was in store for us for the time being. 

– Israel I. Cohen about the camp

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In October and November 1944, prisoners at Kaufering VIII camp had to work in the surrounding farms. They were distributed among other camps belonging to the Landsberg/Kaufering concentration subcamp complex at the end of February 1945 at the latest. It has not been proven whether there was a connection between the development of the camp and the relocation of the “Diana II” construction site.

Nowadays the former camp premises are used for agricultural purposes. Architectural remains of the concentration subcamp no longer exist.

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