Ramp memorial site and death march memorial

For many concentration camp prisoners, who were transferred to the Landsberg/Kaufering concentration camp sub-camp complex between June 1944 and April 1945, the Kaufering railway station was the point of arrival. Although not all prisoners arrived via this railway station, or were transferred to other camps, it became a symbol of the Landsberg/Kaufering sub-camp complex.

The memorial site inaugurated in 2008 is located directly to the east of the railway station building. Source: Stiftung Bayerische Gedenkstätten

In May 2008, the Kaufering Memorial Association (Gedenken in Kaufering e. V.) was founded on behalf of the thousands of Jewish people, who became victims of the Nazi regime. A year later, two memorial sites were erected at the station: One of the memorials by Hubertus von Pilgrim is in memory of the death march by concentration camp prisoners and stands in the “Copse of the 30,000”. In memory of the prisoner transport, a loading ramp with a goods wagon was also erected.

The memorial and the ramp at the station are now an established part of the memorial culture in the Landsberg/Kaufering area.

A goods wagon has been used as a symbol for the people transports. Source: G. Roletschek
The Death March Memorial is located next to the "Ramp" memorial site. Source: G. Roletschek