Concentration camp cemetery Schwabhausen

During the evacuation of the Landsberg/Kaufering subcamp complex at the end of April 1945, trains with concentration camp prisoners of board were assessed to be for military transport and attacked. One of the transport trains with concentration camp prisoners arrived at Schwabhausen on the morning of 27 April. After the arrival of a further train with soldiers, anti-aircraft defences and logistic wagons that was positioned next to the train with the concentration camp prisoners on the railway embankment, an air attack took place.

The concentration camp cemetery is located at the southern end of Schwabhausen on a country road, which branches off before the railway embankment west of Penzinger Strasse. Source: Anton J. Brandl

Die Soldaten, die SS-Wachmannschaft und die KZ-Häftlinge suchten Schutz im nahegelegenen Wald. Dabei wurden flüchtende KZ-Häftlinge von den Wachen niedergeschossen oder erschlagen. Andere versteckten sich in der näheren Umgebung.

The eastern burial site with a view over the central burial site. Source: Anton J. Brandl

The soldiers, the SS guards and the concentration camp prisoners sought safety in the nearby wood. As this happened, fleeing concentration camp prisoners were shot or beaten by the guards. Others hid themselves in the immediate surroundings. After the air attack, the SS drove the concentration camp prisoners back onto the train and continued the journey to the Dachau concentration camp, where the prisoners arrived on the evening of 28 April. The dead, wounded and concentration camp prisoners not attacked by the SS were allowed back into Schwabhausen. The Jewish prisoners’ doctor, Zalman Grinberg, organised the transport of the wounded to the nearby Wehrmacht military hospital of St. Ottilien.

The concentration camp cemetery comprises three communal burial grounds, each with a commemorative stone and two benches, a surrounding wall and an entrance gate. Source: Unknown

On 29 April 1945, the approximately 130 dead were buried by the inhabitants of Schwabhausen in three mass graves on the railway embankment. Neither the names nor the places of origin of the Jewish victims are known.

The translation of the inscription on one of the monuments in the concentration camp cemetery. Source: Anton J. Brandl
In 1995 individual grave stones were defaced with Nazi symbols. Source: Landratsamt Landratsamt