Concentration camp cemetery Stoffersberg-Wald

Immediately to the north of the former area of the Kaufering II subcamp lies the Stoffersberg-Wald concentration camp cemetery.

The concentration cemetery is located on the edge of woodland. Coming from Landsberg on Buchloer Strasse the country lane branches off right shortly before the roundabout with Kreisstrasse LL 2. Source: Anton J. Brandl

According to an estimate made in 1949 by the Landsberg District Administration Office, the bodies of approximately 490 Jewish prisoners, whose names and origins remain unknown, were interred in 360 square metres of the grave area of the Stoffersberg-Wald cemetery.

The cemetery facility is located in a spruce woodland setting. Within, next to seven irregularly distributed burial grounds, there is a tall memorial stone with the inscription:


In September 1997, the concentration camp cemetery was desecrated. The entry portal was stolen in August 2003 by persons unknown.

The cemetery complex nestles in a small wood. Source: Stiftung Bayerische Gedenkstätten/ Rainer Viertlböck
The Stoffersberg-Wald concentration camp cemetery was created between 1948 and 1950 in agreement with the Staatskommissariat. Source: Stiftung Bayerische Gedenkstätten