Diana II

According to a US investigative report on the Messerschmitt factories in Greater Munich it was originally planned to locate the “Diana II” armaments bunker in the vicinity of Leeder in the municipality of Fuchstal. However, the gravel found in this area was not suitable for use as concrete aggregate.

It was intended that, once the "Diana II" bunker complex was completed, Dornier Do 335 fighter aircraft would be produced there in shifts. Source: Carls Luftbild Datenbank

The OT therefore decided to construct “Diana II” some 1.5 kilometres south of the “Weingut II” construction site. The contract was awarded to the firm of Philipp Holzmann AG, which probably began work in the summer of 1944. Concentration camp prisoners were compelled to carry out dangerous, heavy work on the construction site. When the abutments and the lean concrete layer of the first segment were completed, “Diana II” was installed in November 1944.

Until the beginning of the 1990’s vestiges of the construction of the bunker were visible, but the area was later filled with building rubble. The remains of the bunker, which are located underground, are managed today as an archaeological monument.

Today the former "Diana II" bunker construction site is no longer distinguishable. Source: Carls Luftbild Datenbank