Kaufering II (Stoffersberg)

Today no remnants remain of the Kaufering II (Stoffersberg) concentration subcamp. It was located in the Stoffersberg district of the municipality of Igling. The first prisoner transport with 2,000 detainees reached the camp on 29 July 1944. The camp was further expanded in the course of its existence.

The boundary lines of the former Kaufering II camp. Source: Stiftung Bayerische Gedenkstätten/ Rainer Viertlböck
Finally, Camp II was commanded by SS Camp Commandant Otto Moll. At the end of April 1945 he gave the order to the concentration camp prisoners for the march to Dachau. Source: Carls Luftbild Datenbank

With more than 60 earth huts, with 50 people housed in each, Kaufering II was designed for approx. 3,300 concentration camp prisoners. Evidence shows that some 2,350 people had been transferred to this concentration subcamp in 1944. Following transfers of concentration camp prisoners and camp personnel, there is no evidence of this camp having been occupied in spring 1945. In March 1945, Otto Moll took over Kaufering II camp as Camp Commandant. This was followed by the transfer of concentration camp prisoners from the Messerschmitt production in the region of Augsburg.

The newly arrived prisoners were put to work as forced labourers for the construction, maintenance and transport of machines and machine parts in the “Weingut II” bunker construction site.

According to Camp Commandant Moll he ordered the march on foot to Dachau on 25/26 April 1945. Nowadays the former camp premises are used for agricultural purposes.

To begin with, some people in Camp 2 lived in large tents, and later in earth huts. The so-called laundry facilities and toilets were very primitive, but we managed to keep ourselves clean and free from lice. There were almost entirely Lithuanian Jews at first. The death rate grew steadily and they brought Jewish prisoners from many European states to replace those who had died: from Czechoslovakia, from Holland, Austria, Hungary.

– Dmitrijus Gelpernas about Kaufering II

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