Kaufering IX (Obermeitingen)

Kaufering IX concentration subcamp was a relatively small camp belonging to the Landsberg/Kaufering subcamp complex in the Hurlach municipality. The first prisoner transport with 400 people reached the camp on 29 September 1944.

Survivors reported having been forced to do excavation work at the camp Lechfeld Air Base and agricultural work in the local area.

The concentration camp prisoners had to construct the earth huts themselves. In the background, the camp fence and a watch tower of the Kaufering IX camp are visible. The photo was taken after the liberation in April 1945. Source: KZ-Gedenkstätte Dachau
Today the Hurlacher quarry pond is located on the site of the former Kaufering IX subcamp. Source: Stiftung Bayerische Gedenkstätte
The relatively small subcamp Kaufering IX in Obermeitingen contained about 16 barracks. Source: Carls Luftbild Datenbank

According to the SS Labour Service Leader, Josef Hermer, the concentration subcamp was already disbanded again by late October and the prisoners were transferred on foot to the nearby camp of Kaufering IV. More than half of the 400 concentration camp prisoners were subsequently transferred to the Riederloh concentration subcamp.

Under interrogation, Hermer claimed that two prisoners died in the camp. In reports from survivors, Camp Leader Karl Hofmann is presented in a comparatively positive light. He was not indicted by the Allies.

The Hurlach local recreational area is now located on this site. No more traces of this former camp remain.

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