Precast Concrete Plant "Rudolf"

Like the precast concrete plant “Erich” near Friedheim the “Rudolf” works near Utting am Ammersee was responsible for manufacturing precast concrete elements for fitting out the interior of the armaments bunker. It was named after Rudolf Neuhaus, the deputy senior site manager for the armaments bunker. The works was operated by the firm of Dyckerhoff & Widmann and supplied column and ceiling elements, such as concrete girder sections and steps, among other materials, to the “Weingut II” construction site.

The "Rudolf" precast concrete plant supplied construction materials made from concrete to the "Weingut" bunker construction site. Source: CIOS_US Bericht Bild-01 - wahrscheinlich NARA

In the production process the liquid concrete with reinforcements was compacted by vibration in moulds. The moulds used for this purpose were heated by means of heated water, with the result that the concrete cured more quickly. Once they were cured, the precast concrete elements could be loaded, transported and installed in the bunker. The concentration camp prisoners from the Kaufering X camp were used in various areas of the manufacturing process.

We worked in the Dyckerhoff und Widmann precast concrete plant producing concrete slabs. With next to no food we worked on the construction site in all weathers, wearing only wooden clogs and thin clothing.  While we worked, we were bullied and victimised by the guards and the civilian workers. While all this was happening the sun shone, the birds sang in the trees and the inhabitants of the village went about their daily life. They loved, laughed, cried, celebrated or quarrelled in direct proximity to the camp. How can that be?

– Abba Naor about forced labor


After the war Dyckerhoff & Widmann continued to operate in Utting. The production halls were demolished in 2006. They have been replaced by a residential area and since 2011 by a commemorative stone.